by Jay

Dual mining is a novel model that brings both partnerships with other ecosystem projects and additional rewards to users. Users can harvest both KSwapFinance tokens (KST) and the tokens of another project in a dual mining pool.

KSwapFinance aims at opening a window of opportunities of which both partner projects and users can take advantage. This will probably be a win-win ending. A practical goal of a new project is to grow its user community as soon as possible, so the project will seek to list on a top-ranked decentralized…

by Jessie

Dear Families,

In August, we have been through a lot. One month is like one year. During this month, what we have been through is not only summer with abnormal weather but also the warm opinions from community. We like that, appreciate that and we are working on it.

🖥Project and development progress:

A. Publish KSwap roadmap;

B. Dual-mining pool:

C. Update the treasury contract to make the function part show more info to the community; Update the NFT bonus staking contract;

D. The…

By Jessie

Dear users,

We would like to share with you what we choose and give many thanks for who help us clarify the fake news about KSwap. More, we are happy to announce we have more community groups for all of our dear families.

We choose a harder way: decentralized way

Since July 29th KSwap launch, there is a nearly one month. We published the wallet address and we published wallet address and try to keep things transparent. Everything you can check our documents and the transactions on chain. Transparent is the first and key step for decentralized way.

By Jay

Trading mining is as simple as a token swap

Some people are deterred by the slogan, trading mining. Frankly speaking, experienced DeFi farmers are acquainted with single-asset vaults or liquidity mining pools which are commonplace among the DeFi world. Plenty of decentralized exchanges (DEX) or yield farming protocols provide these financial tools as a core service. By contrast, trading mining is yet widely seen. Is trading mining so overly complicated that users have a cliff learning curve before mastering it? Negative. On the contrary, it is more than simplistic. In most cases, a user just swaps two tokens…

By J

Dear KSwap family,

After the mainnet launch, KSwap decided to add one part — thoughts or words from KSwap team. Because this chance would be the only one chance to share with you about our minds and also only one chance to relax. Here we are.

Words from KSwap Team:

Since July 29th- the launch day, we have been through a lot with different projects. …

Talkers: Jessie and Jay

Jessie: Core contributor in business development

Jay: Core Community Volunteer since April

Date: August 7th

Edited by Marsman &Jessie in Telegram

Jessie: Hi! I am Jessie and I am a core contributor and volunteer for KSwap team. My part is more about business development and communications.

Since the first days for KSwap team has been extremely busy. So my fellows helped KSwap team a lot and now we will have our first AMA.

This AMA we have 2 parts. In the first part, I will be the host to ask Jay some questions. Jay is a…

by Jay

How to take advantage of genesis mining

Genesis mining is a farming period when a project just launches and there are plenty of profitability opportunities. People can usually bag a good amount of rewards when they start to farm in different pools early immediately after a project’s launch. With the launch of KSwapFinance, we have seen this was indeed happening. Let’s have a deep dive into this interesting practice.

Skyrocketing returns brought back by trading mining

The average annual percentage rate (APR) is as high as approximately 9500%, i.e., 26% daily. To be honest, this is insanely high at a first glimpse. However, please note that four days ago, the rate was…

by Jay

Hey KSwap Fam,

Thank you for your unwavering support to KSwap Finance and for your close attention throughout the entire testing event. Now it is the right time to do a recap and a heads-up about value investment, product launch, and prospect.


1. A Recap of KSwapFinance and its key features

KSwapFinance is a decentralized exchange (DEX) deployed on OKExChain, integrated with a marketplace for celestial body-themed non-fungible tokens (NFT). Aiming at a top DEX on OKExChain, KSwapFinance enables the seamless transferring of digital currencies among users via a well-developed automatic…

By Jay

Greetings and many thanks to KSwap Fam! KSwap Finance platform has seen renewed interests from our early adopters and new joiners. This article will brief user activities at the platform, technical progress of existing and new features, and community engagement.

First of all, with your support and votes, we rank №2 by votes in OKExChain Hackathon round 1. Since February, it has been almost 5 months for you guys to stay with us. One very interesting comment from our community is that ‘ If you know them since the first day of public testing, you will know how…

Bullish or Bearish? Decentralized or Centralized?

By Jay

For the past few weeks, we have seen the volatility of the market, and the crypto world has joined in a unprecedentedly debate over being bearish or bullish. Yet, the market fails to offer any insights, by sending a blurred signal of a unpredictable $Bitcoin price. With those seemingly dominant views expressing pessimistic and bearish, I would argue we are still well positioned in a bounce-back and bullish trajectory.

First, we have tested a steadfast support of the $Bitcoin price in the range of 28K to 30K. We have a substantial correction…


KSwap is an AMM-based token exchange protocol for OKExChain ecosystem.

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