Dual mining pool- Double Rewards Tool for Projects

  • Basic intro on dual mining
  • Why developing it?

How will users benefit from dual mining?

Progressively deploying the protocol of dual-mining pools is a milestone on KSwapFinance’s roadmap. The team is strengthening its efforts to boost KST’s price in addition to maintaining the synthesis of the platform with KUniverse, an NFT trading&staking system. Why will this claim be evidenced? All existing pools, including single-asset and liquidity ones, only reward KST. With the introduction of dual mining, the weighting of KST rewards allocated to newly added liquidity pools will decrease, thereby mitigating selling pressure. As more dual-mining pools join instead of traditional ones, the total value locked on KSwapFinance should secure a marked rise. From the perspective of a simple economic model, the reduction (or slow addition) of supply combined with heightened demand will contribute to a higher price in all likelihood. This scenario benefit existing KST holders.

How will projects benefit from dual mining?

Projects will gain greater exposure to OKExChain’s users, based on a couple of reasons.

For users, how to get started with dual mining?

Concluding remarks

  • KSwapFinance recap, its visions, and prospect.
  • Many thanks for all!



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