KSwap Launch- Month Progress Report and some words

3 min readAug 15, 2021

By J

Dear KSwap family,

After the mainnet launch, KSwap decided to add one part — thoughts or words from KSwap team. Because this chance would be the only one chance to share with you about our minds and also only one chance to relax. Here we are.

Words from KSwap Team:

Since July 29th- the launch day, we have been through a lot with different projects. Seeing some project has bugs and fixing them then got a success and also seeing some project cross chain to OKExChain(OEC) ecosystem make us feeling we are like companions with OEC ecosystem and growing with him/her.

In this ecosystem, we stick on that we want to become a good DEX and then have a strong value with KST. This is the logical order. The key for exchange is to have many assets on it no matter good or bad. But for users who would like to stay is that they can trade whatever they like on it. That’s the bigger goal for KSwap. At this stage, we welcome all OEC projects here to establish the liquidity pool but also we publish the whitelist rules. You could check all documents on https://kswap.finance. Rules will protect users somehow.

So in the future, we would continue to treat KSwap as a DEX, a good platform which can provide more tools for projects and useful features for users.

Seeing KST once strong to 2USDT or more makes our whole team feel that you have a high expectation to OEC ecosystem and also to KSwap. So since day 1, instead of selling KST from team shares(Liner unlock daily in 3 years after mainnet launch), team put setting a high standard in front of the interest from the whole team.

So you could see the announcement that the whole will not sell one single token in the first three months(https://kswap.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4404700858649-KSwap-Team-Share-Lock-Announcement). Every token from team’s share will go into the buyback pool.

About investors’ interests, check NFT mystery box part more. You will find a way to share the transaction fee with KSwap. Go there to learn more:https://docs.kswap.finance/v/en/product/kuniverse

We published the team wallet and also the market share wallet address. So you could check every transaction.

This is what we want- to make things transparent.

What will the future look like? We all hope OEC ecosystem will have a boom! We will continue with high standards, open-minded and transparency no matter what environment is.

Progress from tech in July:

  1. Excited to prepare for the mainnet launch and launched on time seeing all TVL high in day one.
  2. Participated in the hackathon hosted by OKExChain, counted voting addresses and write airdrop scripts.

Progress from operations in July:

  • Business development:
  1. E-meeting with every project from OEC.
  2. As there are many projects who want the whitelist, KSwap team discussed the rules and list a few of them.
  3. Make collabrations with Tokenpocket, ONTO wallet, Bitkeep wallet and other wallets or data platforms.
  • Marketing:
  1. E-meeting with every community leaders who are interested in KSwap and start to try some global community.
  2. Published 6 NewsFlash in 2 medias and reported by other 2 medias. Reported by one media to introduce more about KSwap.

3. Tons of posts via twitter… and posters designs.

4. Before the mainnet, marketing team promoted hackathon votes.

  • Platform operations:
  1. Caculated the weights of mining pools by operation data.
  2. Make whitelist rule.

(tons of actions before August 15th which the data I wrote this article, but I will leave it for the next monthly report)

At the last,

Share some comments and thanks for your support!

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Telegram: https://t.me/kswap_finance




KSwap is an AMM-based token exchange protocol for OKExChain ecosystem.