KSwap Launch- Month Progress Report and some words

  1. Excited to prepare for the mainnet launch and launched on time seeing all TVL high in day one.
  2. Participated in the hackathon hosted by OKExChain, counted voting addresses and write airdrop scripts.
  • Business development:
  1. E-meeting with every project from OEC.
  2. As there are many projects who want the whitelist, KSwap team discussed the rules and list a few of them.
  3. Make collabrations with Tokenpocket, ONTO wallet, Bitkeep wallet and other wallets or data platforms.
  • Marketing:
  1. E-meeting with every community leaders who are interested in KSwap and start to try some global community.
  2. Published 6 NewsFlash in 2 medias and reported by other 2 medias. Reported by one media to introduce more about KSwap.
  • Platform operations:
  1. Caculated the weights of mining pools by operation data.
  2. Make whitelist rule.



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KSwap is an AMM-based token exchange protocol for OKExChain ecosystem.