Decipher Trading Mining and How to Take Advantage of It.

3 min readAug 22, 2021

By Jay

Trading mining is as simple as a token swap

Some people are deterred by the slogan, trading mining. Frankly speaking, experienced DeFi farmers are acquainted with single-asset vaults or liquidity mining pools which are commonplace among the DeFi world. Plenty of decentralized exchanges (DEX) or yield farming protocols provide these financial tools as a core service. By contrast, trading mining is yet widely seen. Is trading mining so overly complicated that users have a cliff learning curve before mastering it? Negative. On the contrary, it is more than simplistic. In most cases, a user just swaps two tokens that are listed as a liquidity pair on the trading mining page. After this action, the user can enjoy passive incomes as long as rewarded tokens are kept in the relevant pool. Trading mining is hassle-free in this regard.

Decent rewards as a farmer of trading mining

A question mark hangs over about the rewards given by trading mining. If rewards are not appealing, trading mining cannot take a spot in the DeFi market. Let the data speak for itself. The following screenshots represent the up-to-date annualized percentage yields (APY) offered by a variety of DEXes deployed on OKExChain. They offer fair APRs ranging from 50% to 600%. This range of interests is commonly seen across different platforms.

These are APYs of ordinary liquidity pools across a few platforms

Let’s see trading mining in KSwap:

How do APRs of trading mining pools appear?

This screenshot was taken from KSwapFinance. The minimum APY displayed is over 800%, whereas the highest record almost hits 12000% that is equivalent to a daily return of 32.87%. This is insanely wild, isn’t it? Indeed. The beauty of trading mining is its high returns and simplicity. Either impermanent loss or the volatility of token prices is no longer a worry. Wait! But where can users enjoy the early perks of trading mining? Check out KSwapFinance. KSwapFinance is one of the few pioneering DEXes on OKExChain that integrate depositing, liquidity, and trading mining services into one platform. KSwapFinance is a top DEX in terms of the number of active users and total locked values (see figure below). Engaging user interactions and high locked values are also necessities to sustain sufficient APYs of trading mining, which is one advantage of KSwapFinance over similar counterparts.


Last but not the least, please always do your own research when interacting with DeFi products. Please ensure you fully understand the following possible risks before investing in any protocols. First, all smart contracts are susceptible to hacker attacks, although they may be audited by cybersecurity companies. Economic exploits may result in the loss of entire principals. Second, the market of cryptocurrencies is significantly more volatile than other equity markets. In other words, token prices may plunge rapidly and lead to a loss. Specific to trading mining, users do need to take into account transaction fees as a cost.

With that said, please play safe and enjoy trading mining!






KSwap is an AMM-based token exchange protocol for OKExChain ecosystem.