KSwap Monthly Progress Report

  • Completed the product design of dual-mining pool;
  • Function development and implementation of dual-mining contract;
  • It can be sorted by hot, yield and total lock position
  • Added to screen my participation
  • We open new mining pools for at least 19 projects.
  • We reach exclusive cooperation with Babydoge and thanks for the help from anyswap.
  • Sota.finance (NFT platfrom): You can use KST to buy NFTs on it.
  • OpenOcean: Trading competition with OpenOcean to win a mystery box with KST and other tokens in it.
  • Onto wallets, D-wallet, Nabox, Avedex, Riowallet, Klist, 0xTracker, Cocoswap.
  • You could use KST to buy INFINITE gift bags; you could stake KST and mining OT.



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KSwap is an AMM-based token exchange protocol for OKExChain ecosystem.