What We Choose and New Community Groups

3 min readAug 22, 2021

By Jessie

Dear users,

We would like to share with you what we choose and give many thanks for who help us clarify the fake news about KSwap. More, we are happy to announce we have more community groups for all of our dear families.

We choose a harder way: decentralized way

Since July 29th KSwap launch, there is a nearly one month. We published the wallet address and we published wallet address and try to keep things transparent. Everything you can check our documents and the transactions on chain. Transparent is the first and key step for decentralized way.

Besides these, there have been lots of things happened. There is a team organized to use Photoshop to edit fake pictures to spread rumors like the contract has the issue so that the team will have more benefits than it was said on the documents, like so many users join telegram group to publish lots of other unrelated links. There are so many anti-blockchain spirit actions or vicious competitions. But we keep it up, and choose not to use the same way to this teams. We choose a harder way.

Harder way also can make KSwap exist longer so that provide better and stable service for our users.

We choose to trust OEC ecosystem

For a DEX, the key is not dex itself mining or other actions. The key is how good and how many assets are in the DEX. We believe without the boom of OEC ecosystem, no platform will reach its high point. So at the very first stage, we will try to provide more for OEC ecosystem and also stable service as well.

We are thinking about how could provide better service for projects. So for that, we have some rules for new projects who want to open new mining pools. We will open not only LP mining pools but also trading mining pools.

Trading is mining. We like the idea and we bring it to you.

We choose to do right things.

To be honest, what’s the right things from our mind? Or what we would like to see the world happened?

We want to projects or users can truly choose what kind of projects they like without fake news. We want to projects or users trust a project/team through the code by understanding the true meaning of our code.

We want to DEX provides stable and safe services.

Grateful for all of you

Here we would like to thank OEC official for helping us clarify many fake news and help us to chase for the source. Besides these, we also want to thank every OEC projects who stand there to support us and clarify for us. Many thanks also. We will not forget all helps.

Happily announce:

Official admins usernames🌲


@KSwaphelper_ciniz for helping you answer the questions when you use KSwap.

Other language groups:

CN: https://t.me/kswap_financeCN

EN: https://t.me/kswap_finance_EN

ESP: https://t.me/Kswap_Finance_SP

FR: https://t.me/kswap_finance_fr

JP: https://t.me/kswap_finance_JP

NL: https://t.me/Kswapfinance_NL

PH: https://t.me/kswap_finance_PH
(ranking by word initials)




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