The Next Chapter: The launch of KSwapFinance

by Jay

Hey KSwap Fam,

Thank you for your unwavering support to KSwap Finance and for your close attention throughout the entire testing event. Now it is the right time to do a recap and a heads-up about value investment, product launch, and prospect.


  • A Recap of KSwapFinance and its key features
  • Cost, Value, DeFi and NFT
  • The Next Chapter

1. A Recap of KSwapFinance and its key features

KSwapFinance is a decentralized exchange (DEX) deployed on OKExChain, integrated with a marketplace for celestial body-themed non-fungible tokens (NFT). Aiming at a top DEX on OKExChain, KSwapFinance enables the seamless transferring of digital currencies among users via a well-developed automatic maker algorithm (AMM). With AMM, the trading is free from human intervention just as how the traditional financial world operates using order books and alike. As a DEX, KSwapFinance also integrates various mining schemes that incentivize users to provide liquidity, contributing to the platform’s prosperity.

As a quick starter, you may find core functionalities and documentations via the following links.

👉Links to various pages


Add & remove liquidity:

Liquidity Farming:

Trading farming:

Depositing pool farming:

KUniverse and NFT:


Voting venue: (will come soon)

KStarter: (will come soon)

📚Tutorials and documentations

KSwap doc:

How to start:

KUniverse Introduction:


👉Swap is the core function of a Dex. It provides users with a straightforward interface to swap tokens. Another handy feature is that KSwap already whitelisted major tokens that have a wide user base, such as USDT, USCK, OKB, etc. Users can easily select the tokens through a handy drop-down list displayed below.

👉 Liquidity mining. Liquidity providers will be rewarded with KSwapFinance Tokens (KST), the native token of the platform. Liquidity providers help to build the fundamental ecosystem of a DEX, and therefore at KSwapFinance, they deserves decent rewards of KST! KST has a fixed total supply of 1 billion, of which 80% will be utilized to be distributed among all liquidity pools. To ensure fairness, only 10% of the total supply is reserved as a team fund that will be linearly released as long as 36 months. The team is doing their part to sustain the price of KST and incentivize highly motivated farmers. Then how to become a farmer to do honest harvesting work. It is simple. First, just go to Pool to add liquidity of trading pairs, getting a LP token. Second, go to Liquidity to stake the LP tokens and your farming starts on the fly!

Please refer to a full tutorial at the following link: .

👉 Trading. You earn KST by just swapping tokens at KSwapFinance. The platform values users’ efforts to help to nurture the DEX in its infancy stage. The trading mining feature is uniquely amazing, since users can harvest unclaimed rewards periodically to compensate the network fees, although negligible during early days.

👉 KUniverse. It is a NFT trading and staking system. The theme is about celestial bodies and reflects the rarity and staking power of the cards with different ranks. The total supply of NFT is capped at 20,000, distributed in the form of mysterious boxes. KUniverse is the most anticipated tool users have been longed for. The 20,000 NFT cards are not standalone; rather they are deeply intertwined with the DEX functionality, leading to a symbiosis system.

Playing with KUniverse can be of extreme fun and rewarding. Users can find their mysterious boxes or cards (if the boxes have been open) under My cards → Boxes. Each card has a variety of attributes which determine the rarity of the card. Please kindly learn more about these attributes via the following link: .

Once a user have a NFT card or just have a mysterious box, the user may trade at your will. A user may trade he/she NFT assets with different NFT cards by selling in the market. This comes with a great level of flexibility, meaning a user may set whatever price he/she deem reasonable. The user may also choose to stake the card for KST rewards. KSwap Finance will dedicate a significant amount of total supply of the KST into a dividend pool. In order to reap as high KST rewards as possible, a user may want to stake NFT cards with higher weights. The weights be used by the pool’s algorithm to determine what the portion of total rewards out of each block will be given the user. Another entertaining aspect is that if a user collects a series of NFT cards covering all of the seven levels, the user can enjoy as high as 44% additional bonus when all the cards are staked in the dividend pool. This design uniquely benefits NFT holders, as by staking their assets they can enjoy passive income along the time.

👉 Treasury. It is the treasury of KSwap Finance. A significant amount of revenues are contributed by transactions fees. Treasury’s main responsibilities include the buyback and burning of KST, operating costs, and KUniverse dividends. In the future (approximately in three months after launch) the community can vote on the use cases of treasury through a governance contract. The community will become a completely autonomous entity through the proposed governance schemes.

2. Cost, Value, NFT, and DeFi

In the uncertain market, we truly understand users’ disappointment, doubt, and even fury. We also understand that users may feel deceived, and are entirely aware of this fact that in a crypto world these kinds of sentiment are normal and understandable. We cannot blame users; rather, the only and paramount priority of the team is continue to build our products and make DeFi a better alternative to traditional financial tools.

Most importantly, growing a project in this fast-changing crypto world is all about patience and investment of time and assets, not speculation, isn’t it? Speculation may earn one a good amount of quick money, but investment upon a reliable project may bring about long-term value, confidence, and a brand new financial solution. Because we are all faithful believers of DeFi, we have been going this far together. However, this is not the destination; by contrast, now we are at the starting crossroad. We have seen tremendous success of DeFi during the past few months, and a new surge of NFT in recent weeks, and another wave of interests towards GamiFi. Among all these new trends, a converging trait is about decentralization, and therefore, now is just the right time to get onboard and join us in this wonderful DeFi + NFT journey. Yet, as all the hype about DeFi that has happened during the past months, will it has sustained bullish trajectories over the future months or years? We cannot predict the market, but with all the analysis and with more projects deployed on OKExChain in the near future, we know we are on the right track.

3. The Next Chapter and the Launch of KSwapFinance

We are already on the next chapter, with KSwapFinance being officially deployed on OKExChain at HKT 02:00 pm, July 29.

But what is the next chapter, exactly.

👉 First, there is high hope upon KUniverse. The total supply is only 20,000, upon launch there is only a circulation of around 4,000. Based on the predefined probabilities, among these 4,000 boxes, there are only approximately 80 five-star, 32 six-star, and as few as 8 seven-star cards. These cards have unique utilities, with a higher rank of rarity, they can bring users with promising rewards.

👉 Second, the redistribution of trading fees is an added bonus to users. Apart from high rewards of KST distributed among liquidity providers, KSwapFinance reserves a percentage of trading fees to create a dividend pool. NFT stakers will enjoy these dividends by simply holding their cards.

👉 Third, there is a DEX+NFT mechanism. DEX is highly dependent upon total value locked (TVL), and the locked values rely upon deposited liquidity and user activities. Since its early testing launch, there has been over 500 liquidity pairs on the platform and active wallet addresses have amounted over 150,000. These stats strengthen our faith that KSwapFinance may be well-positioned towards a sustained and well-growing TVL, the backbone of a DEX. A high TVL also contributes to a decent reward bag to our swap users, NFT stakers, and other beneficiaries. With all the new trends about NFT & metaverse renewing attentions from DeFi players in the foreseeable August, KUniverse will probably be a eye-catching topic in the following months. Its success will certainly retain the value of KST which furthermore boost the DEX aspect of KSwapFinance.

Last but not least, we would thank you again for your unwithering support and we look forward to seeing you during the launch event at HKT 02:00 pm, July 29!

If you haven’t, please join us on our wonderful Defi+NFT journey!





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