More about KSwap and progress in March

3 min readApr 11, 2021

During the public testing period, we have more data to prove how great the thing we are doing right now. We would like to share with you some updates.

What is KSwap?

KSwap is a decentralized trading platform based on AMM algorithm serving for OKExChain ecosystem aimed at providing users with diverse assets, safe and trustworthy transactions on the OKExChain ecosystem . Some benchmarking products are: SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, Mdex which could give KSwap and their users a great example and confidences. KSwap aims at being the leading DEX in OKExChain ecosystem. Currently by all statistics, KSwap is leading the way.

AMM algorithm is a mature, stable and secure algorithm. With the mature algorithm, users in KSwap will have more secure financial services. License-free market making, and exchange provides freedom and efficiency. KSwap has comprehensive incentives to support all four forms of mining to add the fun features to bring our investors more unexpected values.

More creatively, K-Universe, an innovative NFT section that combines financial, collectible and amusement values. Investors can also gain the trading fees through our NFTs, not just buying or mining KST tokens.

For projects, KSwap also prepares the IDO function to give better user experiences from pre-public market to secondary market.

Besides the fore core functions, in March, we also developed https://info.kswap
You could see lots of onchain data and also trading datas e.g. price, transactions.

During the testing period, KSwap is leading the way.

During the test period, we cooperated with dozens of other projects, and the number of users involved in the test exceeded 130,000, the number of transactions exceeded 2.3 million, and the number of existing pairs exceeded 400, all of which were in the leading position on the OKExChain testnet. All data is on chain to prove KSwap is doing great with our community.

Token Mechanism

It is planned that 1,000,000,000 tokens will be issued. The details could see it in the picture.

Big news in financing progress

KSwap has completed a multi-million-RMB seed round of funding from Continue Capital and Benmos Fund. The three parties will cooperate deeply in product, R&D and operation in the future.


Now you could use these wallets to experience KSwap before the mainnet launch. We hope in the future we will have more wallet partners to give more users our services.

In the next coming days, besides K-universe and IDO part, KSwap plans to cooperate with more resource organizations and opinion leaders and work with other eco-developers in the OKExChain ecosystem to build and prosper the OKExChain ecosystem.

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KSwap is an AMM-based token exchange protocol for OKExChain ecosystem.