Monthly Progress Report

2 min readOct 9, 2021

Dear KSwapers,

In this month, we have a big partnership and truly brought some great benefits for communities. The world is too complex to allow 100% of your actions to dictate 100% of your outcomes. We know that you have some concerns about the price of token and curious about what we have done.

Here is our report:

🖥Project and development progress:

A. Updated the display of Treasury

B. Updated liquidity pool display

C. The mobile terminal of Liquidity mining pool and trading mining pool has been updated.

D. Completed the product design of Lockup.

E. DAO system contract development completed and moving to test phase.

F. Front end development of DAO system completed.

G. OEC full node updated

H. After the development of Dual-mining pool, it officially launched.

🤝Business Development:

A. OEC- Eco project operation rewards week since August 4th.

  • We open new mining pools for at least 20 projects since the day one.

B. We reach the 3 partnerships:

  • DeFiBox:You could track KSwap through DeFiBox
  • OpenOcean: Trading competition with OpenOcean to win a mystery box with KST and other tokens in it.
  • C. We opened the first Dual-mining Pool for The Land of Strife(LOS).
    Thanks for LOS’s supporting and the benefits for KSwapers.

LOS has brought KSwapers the mystery boxes and also K-Pabuk co-branded NFT cards with 6 stars.

📢 Marketing and operations:

A. We held 3 AMAs in one month with Wepiggy, CELT and LOS, besides Wepiggy who hasn’t launch their tokens, the rest of them bring airdrops for the community who held KST or who asked questions.

B. We published 2 articles in medium channel and published 1 articles in other language medias.

C. We airdropped $KST through OpenOcean for their 120 winners.

D. We has burned 17469276 KST.

E. One new community from Vietnam added our family.

F. We rewards some community members who support us.

The next month, we will have new function. Just look forward to it!

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KSwap is an AMM-based token exchange protocol for OKExChain ecosystem.