KSwap’s growth potential from INFO station data

3 min readApr 20, 2021


This article is from community members.
Author: Jay and Da Kong
Translated by Chaos


KSwap.Finance is a decentralized trading product that provides token exchange services for the OKExChain ecosystem, with a variety of mining mechanisms, including single token mining, liquidity mining, transaction mining, etc. It also has an innovative NFT system, and the DEX+NFT model is also a relatively innovative point in the industry. We can observe the data to see the development potential of this product.

The following data is drawn from the chain and can be viewed at:

https:// info.kswap.finance

Key data analysis

  1. During the testing phase, KSwap liquidity has steadily increased to $5.83B, which is a relatively fast growth rate. At the same time, 24-hour volume has peaked at $6.34B in the last seven days.Although this is the testing phase, liquidity is showing a steady upward curve. By looking at the trading pairs inside PAIR, the project owner itself has not injected KST liquidity, compared to the liquidity of other DEXs which basically have a larger share of their own tokens, and the data is concentrated in the days after the INFO station went live.

2. The steady upward curve means that more and more users are recognizing KSwap and putting their test tokens into KSwap for liquidity, and more and more project owners are coming to KSwap to establish trading pairs and liquidity.

2,The number of pairs traded on KSwap has already exceeded 500 during the beta period, while MDEX, the DEX platform at the head of FileCoin, reached 1000+ only 2 months after its launch (it is now over 5000), which would also indicate that most of the projects on OK have built up liquidity on KSwap.

KST’s liquidity is relatively low on the KSwap platform

3,The number of active users participating in KSwap during the beta phase is close to 140k, while uni, comp, 1inch, kyber, balancer and sushi, which currently have over 100k users on ETH, are all very well-known projects. Although they are test data, they represent a large number of users on the OK side and KSwap has been approved by these users.

4,The total transaction volume of $1.19B, during the testing period, the active trading of users during the test period and the real number of users are all side show that KSwap is popular.

5,KSwap’s Twitter has 5430 followers, telegraph group has 7138 members, of which the number of people online is high, and the chat is more active, indicating that the traffic is more genuine.


This article focuses on the current status of the project KSwap and its potential for development based on the available data from the INFO station.

The mobility real product also establishes mobility at KSwap and user habits have been developed during the test period, which should be considered a not insignificant barrier.




KSwap is an AMM-based token exchange protocol for OKExChain ecosystem.