KSwap Monthly Report

Overview of platform usage

  • “Feel the Beauty of Trading.” A refreshingly new look of KSwap website is online. When users open kswap.finance for the first time, they will be directed to a welcome page where they can find trading app, help center, product overview, documents, social medium channels, and other great resources.
  • We are still in the testing stage. One highlight is that in May the total liquidity managed to maintain a level of around $30 b, a fivefold increase compared to the average volume in April. This magnitude of rise indicates a renewed interests from other projects to provide liquidity on Kswap platform. KSwap platform is dedicated to serve a prime venue connecting liquidity providers and the users of a decentralized financing world.

Community involvement

The optimization of KUniverse card mining algorithm

KStarter testing

The development of KSwap Treasury and Kswap oracle

KSwap is an AMM-based token exchange protocol for OKExChain ecosystem.

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KSwap is an AMM-based token exchange protocol for OKExChain ecosystem.

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