KSwap Monthly Progress Report

By Jay

A witnessed tremendous interests from the community has been seen and also got relatively good data in the last month.

Here we would like to share you with ongoing and planned development of a variety of new features and a heads-up on exciting functionalities we will be focusing on in the near future.

A Summary of KSwap Stats

This past month has seen a remarkable growth of KSwap Finance as we continue to be one of the most vivid testing platforms. KSwap Finance is among supreme projects in metrics within the entire DeFi ecosystem on OKExChain.

1. Reached a milestone of $35 billion liquidity, an equivalent 569% expansion in April.

2. Total volume during the last week in April peaked at $117 billion, sixfold the amount in March.

New KUniverse NFT market

KUniverse is an innovative NFT system launched by KSwap. Unlike traditional NFTs that only have collection and game values, KUniverse deeply integrates KSwap’s trading and bonus mechanisms, allowing KUniverse NFT holders to participate in a fixed bonus pool for KSwap’s transaction fees to receive rewards.

NFTs have artistic values, and thus KUniverse provides a venue to existing users who may be intrigued and to digital art lovers. KUniverse will be diversifying the DeFi ecosystem built upon KSwap platform.

KUniverse has a total of 20,000 mystery boxes, each of which can be randomly opened to reveal a different card. The mystery boxes can be traded on the platform directly.

Interested and want to get your foot wet in KUniverse space, please visit here.


We have completed the development of KStarter which aims at becoming a leading IDO platform on OKExChain. The team has also finished front-end development, and now KStarter is undergoing closed testing stage.


Vesting contract is near completion, and now we are proceeding to the component of front-end development. We hope to disclose more technical nuts and bolts shortly.

Enhancement of the KSwap user interface

We now have a main page, comprehensive, up, and running. Will full functionalities, a new-look KSwap platform wishes to bring refreshed and enjoyable trading experiences to our users.

Governance development

The coding and internal validation of governance contracts is ongoing. Upon completion, governance staking farms provides a boardroom for KSwap token holders to be involved in the DAO of KSwap community.

Team KSwap with continue to accelerate technical innovations and growth, while maintaining a high standard and prioritizing the security for any products we will be developing. In the meantime, we value any feedbacks, opinions, and comments from KSwap Fam! Your feedbacks give us more clout in various facets by which we may be improving KSwap. Please let us know your experiences when interacting with KSwap products. As always, KSwap Finance is for your best interests, with a paramount goal to supply a pleasant trading environment and optimize your yields.

Interested in learning more, please join in our social media channels:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kswap_finance

Telegram: https://t.me/kswap_finance

Wechat: @bbtang6688

KSwap is an AMM-based token exchange protocol for OKExChain ecosystem.