KSwap Monthly Progress Report

By Jay

Greetings and many thanks to KSwap Fam! KSwap Finance platform has seen renewed interests from our early adopters and new joiners. This article will brief user activities at the platform, technical progress of existing and new features, and community engagement.

First of all, with your support and votes, we rank №2 by votes in OKExChain Hackathon round 1. Since February, it has been almost 5 months for you guys to stay with us. One very interesting comment from our community is that ‘ If you know them since the first day of public testing, you will know how good KSwap is. no reason why. ’ That’s the power of time and the value of time. Thanks for your patience for OKExChain and also for us.

Platform usage stats

Technical progress

Community engagement

Below are just a few of compliment from our Twitter followers.

“Super amazing project guys ..!! I really do hope this project brings about a great success. This is a great opportunity for loyal supporters.” (@Elviandi)

“A good project and strong team, in a predictable and transparent road map, planned and projected. I think in the near future I will see an unprecedented growth of this project.” (@BgRizky3)

“Quite fast and useful, congratulations ..” (@MLSkumral)

“I hope this dream will come true best idea and project” (@MJasserkp)

“Big project will launch Rocket❤❤” (@gamaentwitt)

Once again, KSwap Fam, you have our deepest thanks.

Final remarks

if you haven’t, please join us on our wonderful Defi+NFT journey!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kswap_finance

Telegram: https://t.me/kswap_finance

KSwap is an AMM-based token exchange protocol for OKExChain ecosystem.